Kacsasult es kacsazsir

I roasted duck, Hungarian way last night. My husband taught me hahah

In Indonesia, my family hardly consume duck, maybe only like once or twice for all my life lol Duck is just not too common where I am from, although in other parts of Indonesia, many people have duck dishes, for sure, just not in my island.

Last year for the 1st time, I had toasted bread with duck fat! You spread the solid duck fat just like you would butter. It was strange but tasty.

Anyhoo, back to our roasted duck. We roasted it simple way, and then we woke up this morning with a solid duck fat that we had for our breakfast 😉

Now, for the roasted duck, my husband said in Hungary they would fattened up the duck first before roasting. In Canada, we just got whatever duck available at the supermarket 😛

The duck normally already cleaned from the intestine, you will just have to remove the liver.

So place a washed and patted dry duck into a roasting pan, drop its liver to the pan as well.

Salt the duck inside out, pour a little water under it, cover the roasting pan with its lid, place in a hot oven for an hour and turn it several times, until it’s crips and nicely brown.

As simple as that!

Just serve with whatever you wish. We had it with raisin rice and Indonesian sambal (hot chili sauce) and kosher pickle. Sooooo good!

Once the roasting pan is cool enough to the touch, pour fat/oil into a container. If there is duck tidbits in the pan, add it to the container, yum!

Just let it rest in the fridge til solid then you are ready to go 😀

Kacsa Sult es Kacsa Zsir

roasted duck, Hungarian way


  • 1 cleaned duck remove innards
  • a little water
  • salt as needed


  • salt duck inside and out
  • place into roasting pan
  • roast, covered, on preheated 350 F oven for an 1 (until nicely brown and crisp)

Kacsa Zsir (great for toasted bread)

  • when oil is cool to room temperature, pour into container and chill overnight
  • duck fat is ready to use as butter subs

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