La Maison VIP


I haven’t update you guys with a new posting of restaurant hopping 😀

This time let me take you to La Maison VIP, another nice Chinese restaurant in Montreal that you should try if you are in the neighborhood.

A date with my girlfriends always means, we hit a restaurant and dine til we drop! 😀 Well not til we drop, just til we are stuffed and cannot leave the table to go home 😀

As this isn’t a buffet style restaurant, we each ordered what we wanted but then we also shared a little from each plate so we could taste everything. It was a great fun this way and the bill wouldn’t be so high 😉

This restaurant is known for their great seafood dish such as the crab dishes, so that’s what we ordered mainly and yes, they did not disappoint for sure!

Unfortunately the lighting inside the restaurant wasn’t the greatest (or perhaps my camera sucks lol), but I still took some pictures for you guys to see the foods and some of our friendly faces 😀

I like how they provide warm tea at this restaurant, most of the restaurants I have been, often only offers water or ice water

I am drooling just by typing this blog. A visit is a must I guess, in very near future 😀

Maison VIP
1077 Clark St, Montreal


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