Lunch at Buffet Vichy

My classmates, our professor and I had a very nice time lunching at this buffet. They offer Asian and Western dishes, so, so good (gee, IndoRecipe, you always say so, so good to everything you eat hahaha) – yep, when I don’t have to cook, everything is so good 😉

The buffet was also very affordable for students, so all really was good.

It was for our farewell party to the professor and her former students from other classes also joined us, so it was a big lunch, even the restaurant had to prepare a couple lines of tables just for us 😀

Yes, of course, we had a little drink, nobody was driving, we all took metro (underground train/subway), so all was good, don’t worry 😀

After lunch when everyone went their separate ways, a couple of friends and I went a nearby lake instead and had fun with ducks and taking tons of silly pictures together, too silly to share even hahaha

So for now, let’s enjoy a couple more of our plates’ pictures instead, how’s that? 😀

This is an awesome of all-you-can-eat buffet, their menu included roast beef and grilled brochettes, how cool is that?? You can go for lunch, brunch, and dinner, a visit is a must should you be in the area. I do have to mention they have another branch, but please, go only to this one, in Lasalle, better service and menu somehow!

Buffet Vichy Lasalle
7205 Boul Newman, Montreal


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