Dragon Li Restaurant

This restaurant is located just across of our apartment, pretty convenient.

Irma, my girlfriend, showed up yesterday and was so sleepy, she took a nap in the living room haha When she woke up I made her rolled bread and later on she took me for a quick lunch, here at Dragon Li 🙂

The restaurant isn’t big but super happy that it is so convenient to just cross the road and dine there or order to go when lazy cooking strikes 🙂

You can either order fresh cooked meals or help yourself from the buffet menu.

With my husband, we never actually dined in, always to go, as you know it is obviously much more convenient to dine at home, where you can relax and watch movie at the same time LOL

This was the first time I ever actually went in and dined inside, with my girlfriend.

We were the first customers of the day as they were just open the door. My girlfriend showed up out of the blue and I did not have anything at home prepared yet as I was alone (hahaha), so I said, let’s just go to Dragon Li for lunch.

Here is my friend, still looking sleepy 😀

Dragon Li is located at Boulevard Riel, Gatineau, should you want to try. Nothing really special I must say, most of the meals are the ones usually offered at a food court inside a mall, but again, good enough for us as it is just 3 minute walk from the apartment 🙂

Here are what we had for lunch!

We also had wonton soup and some dumplings. I did not take pictures for those, too busy talking and eating 😀

Dragon Li
455 Boulevard Riel, Gatineau


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