Turo (Hungarian Cottage Cheese)

Before Hungary, I hated cottage cheese, because in Canada, the cottage cheese is just weird tasting in my opinion, and also the texture hahaha

Living in Hungary though, I fell in love with their cottage cheese.

In Canada, Hungarian style cottage cheese is more to farmer’s cheese, in texture.

In Hungary, they use cottage cheese in many baked goods and desserts and even for meals. Soooo good.

Because I cannot really find Hungarian cottage cheese (nor farmer’s cheese where I reside), I started making myself back in 2010 😀

1 carton milk, full fat, whole milk (4 L)

1 carton buttermilk (1 L) – get the cultured buttermilk, otherwise it won’t work

Pour both milk into a heat proof (oven proof) pot, covered with lid, and let stand on your kitchen counter (or somewhere warm in the house, or even inside the oven – off) overnight at least (48 H max!)

The next day, remove the lid, and cook the milk (in the oven) at 200 F for 6-8 H, until whey is separated from the white part. Whey should be in the bottom, the liquid is like a dull color, almost yellowish, while the white part floating on the top, is your cheese!

Strain and let it drip until no water dripping at all. This will take a couple of hours at least.

Store in the fridge 😀

Use it for anything delish!

Turo (Hungarian Cottage Cheese


  • 4 L full fat whole milk
  • 1 L cultured buttermilk


  • Mix milk, let stand, covered, overnight
  • Cook in the oven at 200 F for 6-8 H
  • Strain
  • Store in the fridge

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