Celebrating the birthday of one of my girlfriends, we went to Buffet Maharaja.

It was my first time lunching at this restaurant and I found it to be just okay. I didn’t find the foods to be extra special, some were rather bland, which was weird as Indian foods always heavy on spices. But at least we had a good time, talking, opening gifts and whatnot, and to my surprise, the birthday girl treated us all actually, so free lunch! 😀

Lucky there isn’t an Indian restaurant that don’t provide gulab jamun, so I was pretty stoked for that. I love gulab jamun too much :)))

Will give this restaurant another try. Perhaps I was catching a cold so my taste-bud wasn’t at its best day, or maybe the cook was running low on salt 😉

Buffet Maharaja
1481 Boulevard René-Lévesque O


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