Bali Art Cafe

This following restaurant I will be sharing today is called Bali Art Cafe.

Located in Nyergesujfalu, Hungary, apart from serving local food, they are similar to pizzeria but fancier, almost like a restaurant, with a pub as well.

This place is mostly packed with youngsters and the concept of the place is, Bali, the island of Gods, of Indonesia (but pssst, quite a few of the decorations are looking more to Thailand instead Indonesia though ;-)). So you will find Buddhist statues, bamboo furniture, Balinese umbrella, etc.

The food is awesome but I truly love their Sangria, to die for. I tried making myself over and over again at home, but never once mine tasted as theirs 🙁 What am I missing? What is the secret ingredient? In the end I give up and just grab ready to serve sangria from the store hahaha

This following dishes might look weird, but it was so good! I ordered this one. While the others ordered meals, I went to dessert straight away, because the Hungarians make awesome desserts that are just mouth watering. It is called, Makos Nudli, which translated to poppy seeds pasta. It is a dessert and it is sweetened Hungarian pasta mixed with ground poppy seeds and fruits. It is served warmed, and I am drooling just thinking of it again. Time to recreate this, I guess!

I also snapped some pictures of the menu for your, but they are typed in Hungarian, sorry grins As you can see they have pizzas, coffee, and tea as well. That being said, this place is open from 11 AM until midnight or so, I believe.

There were 6 of us that evening and we ordered various of foods and drinks. As not all of us are Hungarians, we sampled quite a few from Hungarians specialty and obviously, not forgetting to order pizza as well 😉 Pizza is life and everyone likes pizza, right? However, this following pizza though, guess what it is.

YES! Zucchini and olive pizza. It was just odd choice for topping in my opinion hahaha I don’t remember who ordered it, but I think one of the guys said, where is the meat, man hahaha It was good though, or maybe I was just getting too drunk to care 😉

Check out our table, glasses are emptied, bottles almost gone through, again 6 people, don’t judge hahahah

On our table we also had this following (yet again) pasta dish. I tell ya, Hungarians are big on pasta. From main dishes to desserts, you can find pasta goodies, that you never thought of before. I don’t know what this dish is called though as it wasn’t my order, I think it was Evi’s when I went through the other pictures I have here. It looks almost like pasta carbonara, maybe? Those pinkies I bet are ham, so I would definitely say it was pasta carbonara. What would you think this following dish, just by looking at it? Would you say my guess was correct?

The boys ordered this following appetizer, which was also pretty good, but they ordered nothing else, as in meals and whatnot. They preferred the booze obviously, so us girls really looked like we were the hungry ones LOL. This following appetizer is so simple, they are crisp flat breads topped with salsa, and they went so well with the sangria.

Should you be in the neighborhood, do give Bali Art Cafe a try. People sometime have a meeting here too, and they have outside sitting for summer time, which is just lovely.

Bali Art Cafe is located at:
Bartók Béa u. 14/a (4,883.90 mi)
Nyergesújfalu 2536


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