Awesome SHRIMP BUFFET at Jardin de Jade Poonkai Restaurant

Girlfriends and I went to stuff ourselves at Jardin de Jade Poonkai Restaurant one awesome weekend. It is a buffet style restaurant offering Chinese foods in Chinatown, Montreal, Canada.

The place is ALWAYS packed, most especially at lunch time. It can get pretty hard to find an empty seat, if you don’t come earlier. And on weekend? Almost impossible to dine here.

I come to this restaurant pretty often with my husband. As much as I love how plenty the variety of meals provided, we only go there to hog on their shrimp! Imagine plates and plates and plates of fresh cooked shrimps. I am drooling just as I am typing about it lol But of course, when I go there with my friends, I don’t show them my truest self hahaha

This is however the only Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that offers buffet style. I believe that is the reason why it is always crazy full at the restaurant. A buffet style is always perfect to come to with family and friends and since this restaurant does have great selections of yumminess, do check it out when you are out and about Chinatown 😀

Let me share you some of our plates pictures 😀 This was only the first plates. Didn’t seem much? Don’t worry, we hogged til we dropped lol

Have a good one!

Jardin de Jade
57, rue de la Gauchetière O, Chinatown


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