Fingerlickin Good RIBS at Bofinger Montreal

Bofinger is a barbecue steak house located in Montreal, Canada, and their bbq ribs are to die for, very finger-licking good, seriously. It is one of my husband’s and mine, favorite places to dine out. They have chicken, beef, and pork on the menu. We never tried anything else but their beef ribs. Once awhile when am too lazy to walk there (yes, we live nearby LOL, well not too close but we can walk there), we would take out, but it is just not the same. Dining in is the way to go as you want the fresh juicy hot ribs, you know.

This is the only restaurant that I am not shy in slurpy messy eating, if you get what I mean LOL When you are dining at Bofinger, lick them fingers good 😉

I don’t really care for the fries, the toast and whatnot, although my husband always orders them as well. I am good with just the ribs, in fact, gimme gimme gimme just the ribs, like double order just for the ribs, for myself LOL

Because you know, just look at my plate, mouth watering just to type this 😀

If you are out and about Montreal, stop by at (any) Bofinger and give it a try, here is their menu. Don’t forget to lick the fingers good 😉

1250 rue Universite, Centre-Ville Montreal


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