Main Deli Steak House (KOSHER!)

Back again with Restaurant Hopping

This time let me take you to Main Deli Steak House

Whenever I meet someone online and they mention they are traveling to Montreal (Canada), I always suggest and remind them to go to this restaurant!

It is located like only 20 minutes on foot from our apartment and oh mah geeeeerdddd, their foods are beautiful! Juicy steak, tender ribs, and perfect cheesecake! To top all that, it’s a kosher restaurant, so if you don’t consume pork, here is a place for you to hog on (baby) RIBS!!!! Soooooo goooooodd!! I bet you will lick your fingers good!

Check out my steak 😀

And my cheesecake! Super creamy!

I have to admit, the first time I tried this restaurant tho, it was with my own girlfriend. She ordered baby ribs and I whispered to her, knowing she is a Moslem, why would she order baby ribs (all this time, what I know as baby ribs would be from baby pig, right), and she said, this is a kosher restaurant, it’s from a cow, not from a pig. I still felt bad, I wouldn’t eat a baby, I guess, but I like fish eggs :-/ Sorry babies!

Anyhoo, that’s how I learned that Main Deli Steak House is a kosher place, so I love going there 😀 But even if it wasn’t, who could have resisted yummy meals like these???

One more shot of my awesome steak!!! 😀 😀 😀

So if you are out and about Montreal, try this place out!

Main Deli
3864 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal


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