Krumpli Teszta

Lunch today at Nyergesi Mama’s was soooo good. Very mouth watering.

She made this delicious dish called krumpli teszta and was served with uborka salata. Oh My GAWD. Totally awesome.

When I asked her what the recipe was, you would not believe it. Only mashed potatoes and cooked pasta!

As always, there is not exact measurement when it comes to her cooking, I think only baked goods that she shares were based on recipe books. Otherwise for foods, most of the time she goes by heart.

What you would need to do is, saute onion and garlic til fragrant in a little zsir (fat), then stir in cubed potatoes. Pour in enough water, and cover the pan. Cook until potatoes are tender, then season with salt and pepper, or whatever you feel like.

Then you mash the potatoes and mix with cooked pasta. Voila!

Krumpli teszta

potato and pasta


  • A little fat
  • chopped garlic and onion
  • cubed potatoes
  • enough water
  • seasonings salt and pepper
  • cooked pasta


  • saute garlic and onion in a little fat
  • stir in cubed potatoes and pour in water to cover
  • cook until potatoes tender
  • season and mash
  • mix mashed potatoes with cooked pasta, serve immediately

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