Awesome LEBANESE FOODS at Basha Restaurant!

I think I did mention before in on of my blogs how my husband and I love Lebanese foods, especially their shawarma Well there is one restaurant that we often dine at for lunch, located downtown Montreal (Canada), called Basha Restaurant.

I would say the location is spot on. Just like downtown every where, shopping area, so when I go window-shopping for hours, hungry and thirsty? There it is, Basha Restaurant, waiting for me haha 😀

By now if you follow my blog you would know how piggy I can be (most of the times!), so when we go to Basha, we don’t only get main food, but also some sweets of course, as am a sweet tooth too 😀

Let me show you how good their wrap looks like

And check out my falafel, yum!!!

The restaurant is cosy too in my opinion, just choose the window seat so you can dine with the traffic view outside lol I find it interesting to see people walking and whatnot. I know, I am weird like that 😀

Til my next foodie blog, here is one more picture from our lunch at Basha Restaurant 😀

Restaurant Basha
1202 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal


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