Restaurant Casa Grecque

Celebrating my birthday, my husband and some friends took me out to dine at Restaurant Casa Grecque. It was a surprise dinner, totally took me by surprise 😀

I assumed since the name is Casa Grecque, the food would be ethnic Greek food but I don’t think they were? You’d see from the pictures. Not that I am familiar with Greek food, but steak, shrimp, seafood, are just regular to me, they don’t really scream of ethnic, if you get what I mean? But maybe the calamari was more to Greek food?

I had a wonderful night, the meals were yummy, but too bad for my order, which was well done steak, they came rather bloody of medium rare, I did not like that but I did not feel like bugging the waiter.

Restaurant Casa Grecque is more like chain restaurants, so you probably can also find them in Montreal, and perhaps down in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada. The ambiance is family friendly (my girlfriend took her little daughter and there was menu for kids too!), service isn’t slow, the restaurant is clean, overall it was a great night we had.

Kid’s size is this big, wow

I think this was a Greek salad? I can’t remember, but it must have been!

More pictures from the wonderful night 😀 Tons of foods for sure, there were like 6 of us, adults and a kid :)))

Nice pose, guys LOL

And here is one of my gag presents from my girlfriend hahaha

Sorry for photo dumping, but hey, this is Restaurant Hopping day, so you knew it was gonna be a lot of pictures 😉

Restaurant Casa Grecque
85 Rue Bellehumeur, Gatineau


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