Meeting Bill Clinton at New Dubrovnik

Yes, am being serious, and yes, Bill Clinton the ex-President of the USA!

But of course, I should have typed “meeting” instead just meeting 😀

Husband took me to his European restaurant, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and it was called New Dubrovnik and surprise, surprise. Bill Clinton’s picture greeted us as soon as we entered the restaurant. I don’t have the slightest clue why it’s up there. Don’t know who are the people on the picture with him or what the connection is with the restaurant, but here is the picture!

This is what the restaurant looks like from the parking lot! It’s a nice dining lounge for sure inside. So comfy.

The foods are so homey but I wish they weren’t a tad pricey for students pockets, we would definitely return quite often!

But look at these foods, so, so good.

They also give good portions, so actually the price would fit, but it’s just not in our budget to dine there often (see, lazy cook) 😉

Totally recommending it!

New Dubrovnik
1170 Carling Ave, Ottawa


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