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Cherry Chocolate Pudding (How to Make Two-Tone Jelly)


  • 1 envelope of agar-agar powder preferably Swallow brand, 7 g - available at Asian stores, health food stores, or online
  • 800 cc milk
  • 100 g sugar
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 box cherry flavor jell-o or other brand , 10 g


  • Mix agar-agar, milk, sugar, and cocoa powder, bring to boil while keep stirring. Pour into a mold (rectangular/loaf shape preferably) and let harden in fridge
  • Once harden, prepare jell-o per box (1 cup hot water, 1 c cold water)
  • Using ice cream scoop or round measurement spoon or even olive spoon, scoop agar-agar as shown (make holes/balls), putting aside the balls for later
  • Fill the whole with jell-o as shown on picture, and let harden in fridge
  • Once harden, place the previous balls of agar-agar on top of jell-o, then pour the rest of jell-o into the mold
  • Let harden in fridge, unmold pudding, slice, and serve.
  • Enjoy~