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Oh Cupid!

chocolate coated candy apples


  • Apples of your choice
  • Chocolate for coating the apple of your choice. Can be almond bark, chocolate bars, chocolate chips, baking chocolate, and/or chocolate coating.
  • Lolly sticks popsicle sticks, dowels, or even a thicker skewers, whichever is available
  • Sprinkles chocolate and cookies for decorating.
  • Ganache
  • edible paper and edible pen


  • Melt chocolate coating, dip apples
  • Give some sprinkles/cookies
  • Let set to harden


  • Make wings by drawing with edible pen on edible paper, cut
  • Attach wings with melted chocolate, to apple
  • Pipe ganache as hair


  • Melt 3/4 c chocolate coating in hot 1/4 c heavy cream, give gel food coloring. Keep stirring or beating until desired consistency