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Membuat Tahu

homemade tofu


  • 900 g soy beans
  • A lot of water to soak the beans through the night (in a couple of hours the beans would soak some water and you will need to add more water to cover the beans.


  • Each time you see the water is lessen, rinse the beans and soak with new clean water to cover the beans again)
  • After being soaked all night long, rinse beans twice more
  • Pour one cup of beans into electric blender, add in 3 cups of water and process until smooth (repeat this step until all beans used up)
  • Pour blended mixture into a very large cooking pot and bring to boil for 20 minutes long
  • Prepare another large cooking pot and line with cheesecloth
  • Pour boiled mixture through cheesecloth carefully
  • Every 8 cups of boiled strained milk, mix in 1 tbsp vinegar (for soft tofu, 2 tbsp for firmer tofu). You will see result right away.
  • Prepare a large cooking pot or container, lined with cheesecloth and clean kitchen cloth. Pour tofu on the clothes and squeeze water out as much as you can (you can also just gather the clothes and hang it for a couple of hours as shown on picture.
  • Once no more water dripping, place tofu in container and let rest for an hour or two before slicing and cooking
  • I like fried salted tofu, which is basically you dissolve a little salt in water, slice the tofu and dip to coat on salted water and fry :)
  • Serve warm is yuuummeeeehhh
  • Enjoy~