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Rocky Road


  • 400 g choc chips or choc bars or baking choc whichever you prefer. Semisweet or bittersweet.
  • 550 g gummy treats Walmart brand of Great Value, it has various gummy lollies inside from cherries, sharks, etc
  • 250 g mini marshmallows


  • Melt choc chips on double boiler, stir often until completely melted
  • Take off from heat then stir in lollies and marshmallows
  • Pour mixture on parchment paper/cling wrap lined baking sheet
  • Let cool completely in room temperature (for at least 2 h)
  • Slice (or crack just like you would do barks) and serve


(The various lollies have differ flavor so when you bite into your rocky road, flavor is awesome :))