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Alice In Wonderland Book Cake

tutorial to make a book cake with a moving clock


  • prepare rectangular cake of your choice, cool to room temperature
  • prepare buttercream of your choice
  • fondant and/or gumpaste of your choice
  • working brand new clock parts, battery inserted, pointers/hands will be attached lastly
  • edible pen in various colors
  • edible paper
  • Oreo or any chocolate sandwiched cookies of your choice
  • flower mold/puncher
  • food coloring as needed


Chesire Cat

  • take a small piece of pink fondant and roll into a small log - this will be the body
  • take a smaller piece of fondant and roll into a tail
  • take a small piece of pink fondant and divide into 4 pieces, shape two into back legs (bigger/longer than front legs), the last two into front legs
  • take a small piece of purple fondant, roll thin and cut into strips. Glue these strips on the body/log, creating stripes.
  • take a tiny piece of yellow fondant, roll into two eye balls, a tiny white fondant shaped into crescent (for teeth/bright smile), a tiny pink fondant shaped into a round nose, and a small piece of purple fondant, shaped into a face.
  • glue legs and hands onto body log using a dab of water. The same goes for tail. Glue face parts onto purple face, with a dab of water, then with edible pen, draw little details for eyes, nose and teeth, not forgetting whiskers!
  • take a piece of light blue fondant and roll into 6 balls
  • take a piece of darker blue fondant and roll into oval
  • wrap balls in oval fondant and dab water on each balls to glue them
  • take a small piece light blue fondant and turn them into rice shaped legs. Glue them to the body using water


  • take a small piece of light blue fondant, shape into round and flatten it - this should be the face. With edible pen, draw eyes and a smile


  • shape a gray purplish fondant into a heart, place it upside down, push in spaghetti. Shape white fondant into round, attach on the spaghetti as rabbits head. With more white fondant make feet, hands and ears. Give details for clothes and ears with pink fondant and use edible pen to draw face

Tea Cups

  • shape gumpaste into cups, let it dry

Tree Stumps

  • shape aluminum foil into tree stump, cover with white fondant. Mix brown and black food coloring, gel preferably, brush on white fondant, let it dry

EAT Me Cookies

  • pipe eat me using buttercream/melted choc on cookies


  • roll flat gumpaste, not too thick, cut rectangle and with edible pen draw cards


  • with either fondant or gumpaste, make mushrooms - 2 balls of fondant, one shaped into a log, try to stand it up. Flatten the other ball and shape it as an umbrella and glue it to the log, with water.

Mad Hatter Hat

  • 2 balls of green fondant, shape one as log then kinda make bottom by pressing between fingers, while flatten the other and make some characters using the back of a paint brush.
  • glue both parts with water and give details such as feather made of edible paper and a tiny card made of fondant

Alice Figurine

  • for face and hands, I happen to have the mold for it, so that part is super easy
  • for body and clothing, please follow the pictures
  • for shoulder frills, use cookie cutter
  • give Alice a little make over using edible pen

Book Page

  • edible paper is available on Amazon
  • draw/write as you wish, using edible pen. To make the edges kind of curling, wet it slightly with water

The Book Cake

  • cover with buttercream then fondant, attach clock, add the clock hands, and start decorating!