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Scary Pumpkin - Chocolate Covered Cookies

Don't have the specific molds? No worries! Just use your muffin pan :)


  • Chocolate wafer/chocolate melting - orange color if you cannot find orange chocolate, no worries, just get the white ones and tint with orange gel food coloring
  • Chocolate wafer - green color or white ones tint with green gel food coloring
  • Chocolate chips
  • Pretzels
  • Sandwiched cookies such as Oreo but of course you can use any sandwiched cookies you like!
  • A little shortening/vegetable oil/coconut oil/paraffin wax for chocolate


  • Amount of chocolates are depending how many cookies you'd like to make. Melt them in 30 seconds interval in microwave, adding a little shortening for easy melting
  • Pour a little into the mold, press in cookie in center, then pour more chocolate covering it
  • Repeat steps for the other cavities
  • Harden in fridge and take them off the mold
  • Melt chocolate chips, pour into ziplock bag, snip the end and pipe eyes and scary smile
  • Break pretzels into stems
  • Melt green chocolate and brush the stems green and attach them to the cookies
  • Enjoy~