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DIY Photobooth

All you need is cardboard box, sticky tape, white carton, stickers, wrapping papers, and stapler. Balloons aren’t even necessary, but if you have them, that would be a plus.


  • cardboard box
  • sticky tape
  • white carton
  • stickers
  • wrapping papers
  • stapler
  • balloons


  • Find a cardboard box that is long in measurement. For example, the one we used here was for a kid’s plastic quad. You can use a long fan cardboard box, or bicycle cardboard box, mini-fridge cardboard box, etc, you get the idea.
  • We got some leftover wrapping papers from Christmas, so we used the long cartons (the rolls). If you don’t have them, you can use long sticks, long thin woods, anything long, I suppose.
  • Make 2 holes on the cardboard box as shown on picture. Wrap the cardboard box nicely. With the same wrapping paper, wrap 2 wrapping paper-rolls.
  • Cut rectangle the white carton, and with stickers, make a “Ticket” (or tickets, if you’d like) sign. Stapler this sign onto the 2 wrapped rolls.
  • Push in the rolls into the prepared holes on the cardboard box.
  • And you are done.


If you have balloons (from dollar store, comes with sticks to hold), place it on top of the rolls as decorations.
Have fun