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Strawberry and Cream Flowers


  • Chocolate chips
  • A box of instant pudding such as Jell-o prepare as directed on the box
  • And fresh strawberries


  • While pudding is chilling in the fridge, melt chocolate chips on microwave at 30 seconds intervals
  • Pour melted chocolate into ziploc bag, and snip with scissor on one end.
  • Pipe leaves on parchment paper as shown on picture, place in fridge for 15 minutes.
  • Wash clean and pat dry strawberries, take off the green stems/leaves.
  • Pour pudding into another ziploc, and snip the end as well.
  • Attach 3 chocolate leaves with a dab of chocolate and place them on serving plate.
  • Take a strawberry, slice horizontal as shown, then slice vertical, then slice angles left and right (just like you would slicing a round pie or a round cake), all these slices must not cut through. Then slowly open each 'petal' down. Repeat steps with other strawberries.
  • Place strawberry flowers on chocolate leaves and pipe pudding/cream cheese cream/whipped cream/yogurt/custard in the center.