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Wedding/Bridal Cupcake Stand


  • Bride template (from the net)
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Double side sticky tape (or hot glue, see note)
  • Pretty fabric such as tulle ($8, believe it or not I found it at a thrift store as I made this on weekend and no stores that sell fabric were open)
  • Flower ($3 from Dollarstore)
  • Paper puncher
  • Ribbon ($2 from Walmart)
  • Flower decoration with pearl (optional) ($1.50 from Walmart)
  • Hard carton (for craft, depending where you get it, it is somewhere around $2 - $5)
  • Cupcake/dessert tower (I use Wilton) ($19.99 from Walmart, sale price)


  • Trace the template on hard carton, and cut
  • With paper puncher, punch a hole on the hair bun area
  • Make veil with the tulle and tie it on the bun area using ribbon that goes through the hole
  • Hot glue/tape/tie your bride on to the very top of the dessert tower
  • Discard long stem from the flower, just gather the flower and glue them with regular sticky tape, then tie a tulle plus a ribbon to make it prettier. Then I attached a flower decoration with a little hot glue (again optional)
  • Hot glue/tape your flower on the side of the top dessert tower
  • And your stand is ready :)